Scientific Institution
Contra Cancrum Coli
(Latvia, Reg.No. 464101 of 2007)


  1. Aseptic method of flexible endoscopy or How to avoid

      patients cross-infection during colonoscopy  

  2. Antegrade method of colon lavage or Preparation of mucous

      for urgent colonoscopy and colon resection

  3. Amanual method of intubational colonoscopy or

      Self-moving colonoscope

  4. Antiseptic method of 1-moment colon resection or

         Colon resection at ileus without unloading surgery






Colorectal cancer - among the main causes of amenable death rate in the EU; according to EUROSTAT data in 2014-15 it took the 3rd place after coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular diseases.

The methods are addressed: No. 1 – both to doctors and patients, No. 1, 2, 3 – to endoscopists-gastroenterologies, No. 2, 4 – to surgeons; the cartoon The Primeval Father - to medical organizers.


   Pneumatic method of retained videocapsule extraction  


  Destiny of innovations - "The Primeval Father"


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